NOR is building an advertising network designed specifically for the metaverse. Ours will be an ad network that never impacts Play because it only appears via integration with live Broadcast Streams. Ads will never be visible during Play itself. We believe that while an Athlete is performing, distraction shouldn’t be a hurdle.

Proceeds from the sale of an ad will be distributed to the Game Developer as well as part of the winnings.

Broadcast Stream Advertising: Athletes

Game Stream advertising will be integrated directly into NOR’s Games. This may include in-game billboards, posters, loading screen placements, and stream watermarks. Such placements will feel like they are a part of the Game world for Residents, who can enjoy Khora without ever being held up to watch a commercial.

Broadcast Stream Advertising: Tournaments

Broadcast Stream advertising gives owners the ability to purchase the same Game Stream units but also includes additional units deployed in a fashion similar to a live sports Tournament. These may include animated interstitials, full commercials, stream overlays, or even interactive units via streaming service third-party APIs.


Streaming rights holders are encouraged to review and approve their ad units, and all advertising Developers are required to review. However, they can also choose to pass review and approval duties to the governance quorums.

Resident Data:

Both Athletes and Citizens have the ability to Opt-in for Advertisers to purchase their Data. On opt-in, Residents can decide what information they wish to release.