Broadcast Streams: Athletes

These Streams give owners the ability to share unique, broadcast-quality angles of their Games focused on any specific Athlete. These streams are available for purchase by any Citizen and can be resold to other Citizens.


A live stream direct from NOR game servers. Owners will be able to enter a Stream Key and copy our dynamic stream URLs to paste into their chosen streaming services.


There is a limited amount of Game Stream inventory available to any Citizen.

NOR Streams:

Throughout the Season, NOR streaming channels will feature streams from a variety of Games for the community to enjoy. This gives Athletes a chance to be featured and grow their reputation.


If a stream is not made active within a certain amount of time, the NFT will be burned and returned to NOR’s stream inventory.

Broadcast Streams: Tournaments

These Streams provide the owner the right to stream all matches of a specific Game during a Tournament. They are only available to Citizens who have a working Broadcast Tower on their land.

Ad Revenue:

Owners can earn a percentage of ad revenue at the end of the tournament.

Sponsored Tournaments:

Sponsored Tournaments will grant Citizens the opportunity to run a Sponsored Stream with its own unique advertising opportunities.

NOR Streams:

Owners of a Broadcast Stream may select the Athlete/Team they want to feature during a Tournament.