NOR will be built on a sortition-based governance system, which ensures that NOR will never be governed by majority token holders but rather by randomly-selected active Citizens (Aspect owners).

NOR’s governance will be made up of a series of Quorums which can independently propose, review, vote, and implement policies within NOR. Quorums will be grouped and prioritized according to their collective Aspect of The Nine attributes. Active members of Quorums will be entitled to a percentage of NOR’s economy once a certain threshold is met.


To be eligible to join a Quorum, Citizens will be required to be verified as an actual person through a third-party KYC system. A Citizen’s time on a Quorum will vary in length and will depend upon specific Quorum needs.


No individual Quorum members will know who is on a Quorum at any time during the review and voting phases. However, once a policy item has been voted on and passed onto a new Quorum, voting data will be made public.


If a policy does not meet the necessary threshold of votes, a new Quorum will be randomly selected. If a member does not participate within the allotted time, an alternate will be invited to join the Quorum.