NOR uses a centrally-administered federated identity system for all accounts. The content of these accounts is controlled decentrally by the account holders themselves. Every account-holder in NOR automatically becomes a Resident of the City of Khora, but our system includes separate features for Athletes and Citizens.

Resident NFT

The basis of identity for all account-holders in NOR is the Resident NFT. The Resident NFT is minted at Account Creation, and becomes the foundation of your identity within NOR, a primary identifier across the whole ecosystem. Every Resident – Athlete or Citizen – can compete in the Games, but only Athletes may compete in Tournaments.

Resident Types

  • Athletes: Residents who play Games and, if chosen by Citizens, compete in Tournaments.
  • Citizens: Residents who own an Aspect of The Nine NFT. An Aspect allows full participation in the City’s economy; however, Citizens may not compete in Tournaments.
  • Developers: Citizens who own a Developer Permit, allowing them to create and manage Games in NOR.

Vault (Resident Wallet)

All Residents of NOR store their NFTs in their Vault, including, if applicable, their Resident NFT, Aspect of The Nine NFT, Land NFTs, $FATE tokens and more. The Vault is NOR’s equivalent to a “wallet.”

  • Identity Verification: Residents that exclusively play Games don’t need to access their Vault; however, if they want to compete in Tournaments as an Athlete or participate in the City as a Citizen and/or Developer, they will be required to complete the KYC verification process.

Aspect NFT (Citizenship in Khora)

Aspects are tradable NFTs that allow Citizens to access many features of the City, including specific Governance activities. Only one Aspect may be associated with an account. They are also a visualization of a Citizen’s narrative place in NOR, representing their relationship to The Nine Families of Khora, each of which grants unique City abilities. An Aspect of The Nine NFT must be placed into a Resident’s Vault to be activated.

  • Tournaments: Residents with an Aspect are not permitted to participate in Tournament events. To participate in a Tournament, Citizens must give up their Aspect of The Nine by disconnecting it from their account at the beginning of a new Game Season, allowing them to compete as an Athlete.

Land NFTs and Ticket NFTs (Citizen Influence)

Land in Khora will mirror the economic models of real-world stadiums and their effects on the surrounding economies. Citizens will be able to buy, sell, and trade land NFTs.

Tickets finance Tournaments and serve as a direct bridge between the Athletes of the Games and the Citizens of the City. By purchasing Tickets for an Athlete of their choice, Citizens alone can “call up” the best players and give them a shot at winning a Tournament. A portion of the prize purse is then distributed to the Agent Citizen should their Athlete succeed. This relationship reinforces the synergy between Athlete/Game and Citizen/City, again mirroring the professional sports world.

NOR’s centralized system includes shared and separate features for Athletes and Citizens:

Federated Accounts (for all Residents)

NOR Resident Accounts can be created and signed into using game and account services such as: XBox Live, Steam, Epic Games, PlayStation™, Google, Apple, and Facebook. NOR will not store passwords, but will require email and SMS-based two-factor authentication.

Stats (for Athletes)

All Game data and stats will be encrypted and made accessible only to the associated Athlete. To access and release their stats, Athletes must have a Resident NFT.

Athletes who want to compete in Tournaments will be required to open their Resident NFT and decrypt and release their data/stats to the larger platform so that Citizens can make informed decisions. This is similar to how real-world team owners, managers, and sports agents track and choose Athletes.