Athlete Uniform:

Citizens may Sponsor an Athlete by adding branding to their in-game uniform. Logos will appear in a predetermined location set by the Game Developer. New Athlete uniform Sponsorships are automatically sent to the Governance Council for approval, ensuring that submitted logos do not violate any NOR usage rules or company values.

Team Uniforms:

Citizens are able to Sponsor an entire Team’s in-game uniforms, similar to the way companies sponsor esports team jerseys. The Citizen in question will need to submit the uniforms for review by the Game’s Developers to ensure that the designs do not violate any of the NOR usage rules or company values. For an additional fee, they can be partnered with a design team to help develop their uniforms.

Once a uniform design is approved it will be added to the Game, where it will become immediately visible to Game and Tournament Stream viewers. Both Athlete and Team uniforms can also be minted into an NFT, should the Sponsored Athlete or Team win a Tournament.