NOR is building the premier sports broadcasting network designed for the metaverse. With the prevalence of services that stream from any player’s PC or console, this requires viewers to do something no sport in the world does; we have to see the game through their eyes. This is not only the least optimal way to watch any game, but it also has massive limitations when it comes to audience experience.

Each Game made using our KILLIAN Toolset will integrate multiple cinematic cameras, including aerial views and other AI-driven shots that are directly broadcast to popular streaming services. To support these streams, NOR will utilize its own tokenized advertising network which will integrate seamlessly into streamed content.

Vanity Items and Other Visual Elements:

With the Athletes taking first consideration, anything that impedes Play will be removed from their screen to be seen only in the Game and Broadcast Streams outlined here. Any Vanity Items, Sponsorships or Advertisements will only be visible through Broadcast and never appear on an Athlete’s screen.