NOR’s technologies are designed around creating the best Game experience for both Athletes and Citizens while streamlining the development process for third-party Developers. NOR will be built with a combination of both centralized Web2 and decentralized Web3 technologies. These include:

  • Games Layer: This layer is built on centralized server technologies that support individual Games. There will be no Web3 technologies or NFTs in our Games.
  • The Play Layer: The Player Experience layer of NOR, consisting of web and mobile experiences and technologies. This is where our Amazon Web Services and other front-end deployment technologies live and connect with our Residents.
  • Web3 Layer: This is what makes NOR truly unique. Our front-end and back-end Web3 technologies live here, along with smart contracts, Resident Vaults, NFTs, and the FATE token.
  • KILLIAN: Our proprietary toolset of systemic movement and procedural elements developed specifically for NOR.
  • Foundation Layer: This is a centralized technology layer that consists of the live Game server infrastructure and Game data, as well as the back-end infrastructure needed to support Resident accounts, federated account info, Citizen/Athlete stats, Trust items, merchandising, and the storage of NFT metadata and media.