The Nine Families of the City of Khora are visualized as Aspects, with one unique Aspect for each of the Nine Families.

A Citizen is a Resident with an Aspect. An Aspect allows its owner participation in the economic utility of the City along with the governance of NOR. Other Aspect functions include:

  • Aspects combine with other Aspects to enable hyper-specializations within the City economy.
  • While anyone can own any of The City NFTs—a sponsorship token, a token of land, a Tournament ticket—those NFTs exclusive to The City remain dormant until they are placed into a Vault (wallet) with an Aspect.
  • Citizens (Residents with an Aspect) can also take part in our private auction house, a unique marketplace with vanity items, Tournament merchandise, and NFT artifacts/antiquities from the long history of Khora.
  • All Residents—whether Citizen or Athlete—pay a percentage on all transactions to NOR, even on external marketplaces. This 9% goes to the DAO. Different Aspects have different modifiers on The City’s economy, and these effects are based on active participation, with benefits and drawbacks for each.
  • Distance from the Nine [in the City of Khora] will determine the order in which Citizens are able to participate in the City. The First Aspects are closest to the Nine and therefore have priority access to City activities. Second Aspects follow, then Third, Fourth, etc.

Attributes of The Aspects

  • Facet (AKA the background of an Aspect of The Nine)
    Every Aspect is infused with the essence of its creator, Aseela, whose protean nature is best illustrated in the Facet: a reflection of Aseela’s infinite manifestations. Most commonly we see her as through a dark glass, but sometimes she reveals much more. Influences secondary characteristics of sight.
  • Surround (The frame around an Aspect)
    Not to be mistaken with the savage wilds surrounding Khora City, the Aspect Surrounds are NOR’s most precious elements forged into a protective frame. Influences user Visual Instantiation.
  • Frontis (The foreground elements of an Aspect )
    The Frontis is an artefact of Khora’s physical world, perhaps evidence of The Nine’s meddling in Aseela’s vision. This interference may take the form of smoke, flame, or a secretive glow. Influences secondary social capacities.
  • Laurels (AKA the Graphical Elements- example: Voltaic charge)
    The Coalescent speaks to Khorics, expressing its moods and preferences through instantiations of color and energy. We call these instantiations Laurels, and they make themselves known within every Aspect. Influences Rarity of Future Instantiations.
  • The Symbols
    Each Symbol is a whisper of remembrance from Khora’s past, a sacred geometry exclusive to each of The Nine. Some believe these Symbols contain the formula for immortality, others warn that hidden within each Symbol is a key to the destruction of NOR. We are unable to know or say what these do.
  • Ovard Elements
    Various elemental substances found in Khora. Influence a multitude of secondary interactions.