Brooks Brown


Brooks Brown has more than 18 years of creative and strategic development in interactive content for the world’s most successful brands and franchises, including Lucasfilm, LucasArts, Lightstorm Entertainment, Universal Pictures, and James Cameron’s AVATAR quadrilogy.

As Vice President of Digital Franchise Development for James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment, Brooks worked with AAA console and mobile game studios, and oversaw funding and development across the AVATAR franchise, which included companies like HP, Disney, Cirque Du Soleil, and more.

Brooks is a pioneer in VR, having designed and supervised construction of PVRK, the world’s largest VR theme park, located in Dubai City. He developed experiences for multiple global properties and led creative and strategic relationships between internal stakeholders and multiple divisions of the Starbreeze Global Corporation. Alongside DTS-Xperi, he pioneered a new format for immersive audio, garnering him a coveted Lumiere Award.

Brooks’ directorial work has earned him several accolades, including a Sundance Film Festival Jury Selection and a Tribeca Film Festival Storyscapes Award. His hobbies include e-sports (DOTA2), cooking, critical theory, and pensively stroking his beard while quoting French philosophers who would be astounded to learn that anyone still reads their florid piffle.



Combining the pedigree of Activision Blizzard, EA, LucasArts, Google Brand Studio, and Niantic, Jay Komas is not only a leader in the legal community but a thought leader in interactive media. Jay has a comprehensive understanding of the business and licensing landscape of video games, music, streaming TV, live Tournaments, merchandising, and now adds Web3 to his repertoire.



Having spent 25 years working on the cutting edge of games technology, Fredrik Jonsson is a creative art director with a pedigree of creating games for Ubisoft, Avalanche, LucasArts, and Starbreeze. He has been part of pushing the boundaries on critically acclaimed games like SplinterCell 3, Rainbow Six Vegas, and Just Cause 2, spearheaded film & VFX virtual production at Stiller Studios and created VR experiences to make sense of big data for government agencies.



Chris Szadkowski reimagines new and innovative ways to immerse consumers through connected experiences and stories. He has led entertainment-focused marketing for Activision, Disney, Dolby, HTC, Fox and James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment. Chris made Call of Duty the world’s largest entertainment franchise by creating a connected universe through numerous award-winning integrated campaigns and experiences. He also developed the vision and strategy for the movie-going experience for the AVATAR franchise.



Micah Nathan is a bestselling novelist, short story writer, and narrative designer, whose debut novel Gods of Aberdeen (Simon & Schuster) was published to critical acclaim and translated into four languages. His second novel Losing Graceland (Random House) achieved similar critical and commercial success. He has been head writer/narrative designer on some of mobile gaming’s biggest hits, including Shadowgun (App Store Essentials Hall of Fame) and Dead Trigger. His essays for Vanity Fair covered topics ranging from Andy Warhol to James Spader, and his script editing/punch-up clients include Dimension Films. Before joining Consortium9, Micah taught fiction writing at MIT.



Heather Brown has 15 years experience managing venture-backed startups and small businesses in entertainment and technology, including Hello Music and Tribogenics. Starting her career in celebrity artist management working with Mos Def, Santigold and others, she is the glue behind-the-scenes with business strategies, negotiating contracts, company financials, and skillful management of top-tier talent and teams.