What We Won’t Say and Why We Won’t Say It

A proper definition of “tokenomics” is meant to clarify two things:

1. The incentives that set out how the token will be distributed.
2. The utility of the tokens that influence its demand.

Until we have a full view of how our ‘tokenomics’ works, this section is going to be light on specifics and heavy on caution.

There are several reasons for this, but the most important one has to do with our commitment to the community. For too long, the word “tokenomics” has been synonymous with “Ponzi scheme.” With a wink and a smile Degens call it Ponzinomics – often without irony. Many crypto game companies rely on player ignorance to further their money-making scams. At C9, we rely on player education to help us build a platform worthy of your time and attention.

We have spent a lot of time decrying how game players are abused through the financial systems within most games, and what is rarely noticed is the empathy we feel for the Whales. Those who play the metagame, who jump full force in with their wallets, but are quickly digested and shit out by the thing they have grown to love. Twitter and Reddit love to roast them. We don’t. It makes us sad.

We have said all players deserve a Magic Circle, a safe place to play. So that’s what we are making. Even for Metagamers.

If you’ve read this far into our whitepaper, we trust you’ve noticed our reclamation of key terms. In NOR, “play” means play and “free” means free. Tokenomics is one we are not yet able to reclaim. We will.

This means we have to educate ourselves on how NOR’s tokenomics will work. Not only are we trying to build a token that functions like nothing else in crypto, but an economy that functions like no other has. We’re trying to set an industry standard in an industry where no acceptable standard exists.

So much of current tokenomics is bullshit. Consortium9 and NOR hate bullshit, and we know our community hates bullshit. Please find our best thinking to date about our token and economy below this post. If you find any bullshit, we welcome your questions. As always.

Our FATE is a Utility

NOR’s economy is based on utility and the active participation of its Residents, featuring a dynamic system that runs exclusively on FATE tokens. Our token will be used for all transactions in NOR and will function similarly to other game currencies.

FATE is used to purchase Tournament Tickets, Buildings, Land tokens, NFTs, streaming, Sponsorships, rewards, prizes, and more. These activities are the basis of FATE’s demand, and its use.


FATE will be distributed to Citizens based on their activities within the NOR economy. For example: Active participation in Quorums.


As Athletes build their skills, they’ll eventually become eligible for our Tournaments. These Tournament winnings will be distributed in FATE.


As new games are added to the City, additional FATE will be released into the economy.

NOR Token:

Token Name: NOR FATE Token
Symbol: $FATE


FATE Token Supply: 10,000,000,000
Initial Circ Supply: 100,000,000