Tournaments are the core of Play on the NOR platform. The Tournament system is where Developers and Studios create events for Athletes to compete in for fame and glory. It’s also where Game Developers can play an active role in their community and generate revenue.

Trials are where players participate in Stadium Games with no risk to their Resident’s life.

Perils occur exclusively in the Arena Perilous, where Athletes risk it all, putting their life on the line for a chance at even greater rewards.

This Tournament system allows Game Developers to not only create Trials and Perils Tournaments, but also to support other development goals like beta testing, new game modes, and celebrations, and work toward other game-related events in the future.


The proceeds from each event Ticket sold and traded will be distributed to the corresponding Stadium’s FATE Holding as well as the NOR DAO. Tickets also award Champions a percentage of the purse.


These are the Citizens who own a Tournament Ticket and may therefore empower an Athlete to take part.


Athletes are not automatically allowed into Tournaments. Instead, an Athlete’s Stats act as a gauge of their activity and determine eligibility for various types of events. This allows Game Developers to create high-risk Championship Tournaments for their top Athletes, or smaller weekly events with no risk of permanent loss to their players. In NOR, both styles of play are welcome.


Teams are collections of Athletes, which themselves must fulfill a set of requirements before the Team can take part in larger events. Team Tickets are distributed to the Team owner, who then grants member Athletes access to events.

Game Developers and Studios:

Using prebuilt tools, Developers act as the governing body of their own sport, creating Tournament parameters that make sense for their Game. Ladder matches, free-for-all, best of 10, round robin – all these and more are supported. Once a Tournament is designed, the Developer locks it in, the DAO approves, and the Tournament is announced—NOR takes care of the rest.