Welcome to Khora, the Eternal City, the Grand Mystery, Splendor of NOR. While Athletes play their Games, the Citizens of Khora play the game of games, the Metagame of NOR and its economy.

At the center of Khora sits Aseela: creator of immortality, keeper of the Coalescent, and mother of the Eternal City. Aseela is the genesis of all things, where the virtual is turned into the actual. This is also the site of the Coalescent itself, a holy place where fallen Khorics are endlessly reborn.

Nearby stands the Arena Perilous, the oldest and largest of Khora’s stadiums and home to the game’s Tournaments. This is where Athletes put their skills to the ultimate test and risk permanent annihilation.

NOR’s City is a visualized economy analogous to a professional sports ecosystem. From Tournament ticket sales to team ownership to sponsorships and broadcasting rights, if it exists within the economic systems of the NFL, FIFA, NASCAR, etc., then Citizens will likely also find it in Khora.

As with real-world sports, anyone can play at the amateur level, but amateurs cannot send themselves to the big leagues – they must be skilled enough to attract attention. Only Athletes have the ability to compete in Tournaments, and only Citizens have the ability to scout and recruit Athletes for Tournaments via our Ticketing system. By purchasing tickets, Citizens can enter Athletes into Tournaments. In doing so, the Citizen who sponsored that Athlete becomes entitled a share of the purse if their Athlete wins.

Features planned for The City include:

  • High-stakes Tournaments between the best Athletes from each Game, similar to the way professional sports seasons culminate in playoffs and championships.
  • Streaming/Broadcasting rights for Tournaments, including playoffs and championships.
  • Team ownership, management, and agent roles that give Citizens the chance to recruit, grow, and maintain groups of Athletes as they work toward one goal: winning Tournaments.
  • Stadium real estate and land sales draw from the economic models of real-world stadiums and their effects on surrounding land. Citizens can buy, sell, and trade land. Citizens can even build on their land, but every benefit associated with a given building also has a drawback, making land sales into its own game.
  • Merchandising created procedurally using our own tools and vendors.
  • Transparent revenue sharing to empower Athletes, Agents, and Teams to negotiate fairly with each other.