Every Resident of NOR has access to a Trust containing all of their earned in-game items. These may include vanity items like skins, Tournament merchandise, Game artifacts, or Khoric antiquities; however, none of these items will initially appear as NFTs or Web3 elements. Instead, they will be stored in the Trust as traditional digital game assets, accessible through a Resident’s NOR account and/or the associated Game itself.

At the end of each Game Season, such items can be immortalized by minting them as NFTs and can thereafter be traded in the Auction House.

Game Items

These are items earned through gameplay, including Game vanity items like skins, Tournament merchandise, Game artifacts, awards and other forms of Game progress recognition. The Trust will also save an Athlete’s personal highlights reel, plays from which can later be traded at the Auction House.

The Auction House

The Auction House is the City of Khora’s marketplace. It is open only to Citizens and Champion Athletes.

  • Verification: To access the Auction House, all Citizens must complete a Know Your Citizen (KYC) verification process. This includes any Champion Athletes who wish to trade their Tournament-winning Game items.
  • Tradable Items: The Auction House is where Citizens are able to turn their Trust items into tradable NFTs. Only items associated with a currently dormant Game may be traded, and only during a limited window of time before a new Season of that Game begins.
  • Tickets, Aspects, Land, Sponsorships and Streaming Rights:
    All of these items are tradable at the Auction House during Seasonal Play. However, there will be regular periods during which all trading on those items is suspended.

    • Ticket trading, for example, will be suspended a number of days (set by the Developer) prior to an associated Tournament’s start.
  • The Vault: Active Auction House NFT items a Resident owns will be stored in that Resident’s Vault.
  • NFTs: NOR NFTs will be tradable on third-party marketplaces.
    Notifications: Residents will receive prior notification detailing when Auctions begin and end and what items are currently available.