We capitalize the word “Games” because Games are the foundation of NOR. Play is serious business, and we take our Games seriously.

All Games in NOR will embrace nine fundamental principles:

  1. Every Game is free and funded entirely by the Citizens’ active participation in The City.
  2. No Game will offer microtransactions, loot boxes, paywalls, “special” items, or purchase pathways to success. Not now, not ever.
  3. Every Game is fair. Skill is the key to success and skill cannot be bought or sold.
  4. Every Game is easy to learn and hard to master.
  5. All Athletes are free to play without the risk of death or permanence.
  6. Tournaments are exclusively for Athletes who choose to risk permanent death in high-stakes versions of our Games. Death is permanent in Tournaments.
  7. Every Tournament is emergently filled with top-tier Athletes recruited during Seasonal play. Recruitment is the exclusive right of Citizens.
  8. Every Game developed by C9 will use KILLIAN, our toolset of systemic movement and procedural elements developed specifically for NOR. Any developer on our platform can use KILLIAN to build their game. This allows Athletes’ core competencies to reach across all games on NOR, affording them the opportunity to “multi-sport” while freeing developers to focus on game design.
  9. No Athlete’s stats or ranking will be shared without that Athlete’s action. Athletes always control their own data.