NOR is built around the City of Khora. It is the seat of NOR’s society and culture. In Khora, land is divided into a finite number of parcels of equal size, arranged in concentric circles, all centered around the “Arena Perilous.”

Citizens are able to purchase Land tokens as NFTs for usage rights to Land parcels in the City, which represent unique opportunities for active participation in the economy.


Each Game has its own location within the City and is represented as a Stadium. Stadiums are evenly distributed around Khora to ensure that both large and smaller games benefit from the economy. Governance Quorums and Game Developers can vote on the placement of a new Stadium, and Citizens can see upcoming Game stadium locations. Occasionally, when new Games are added to NOR, Land may need to be purchased back from the Citizen community if there is not enough free land available for a new Stadium. Game Developers have control of their Stadiums.


Each token purchased gives a Citizen the opportunity to support adjacent Stadiums. Land token owners who maintain their parcels are able to benefit from Stadium economic activities and other consequences of their actions.

For example, Citizens that purchase a Team Headquarters for their parcel can then form Teams but are unable to place any other Building (like a Broadcast Tower) without freeing up additional land. This active stewardship of land entitles token owners to a certain percentage of Tournament winnings distributions based on their proximity to a given Stadium.

Land Stewardship

To benefit from NOR’s economy, Citizen Land token owners will need to actively participate. This includes taking part in Governance Quorums throughout a Game season, improving and maintaining land, trading with other Citizens, or exploiting other economic opportunities, such as streaming rights and sponsorship opportunities, available to a particular parcel. As Land has a variety of positive and negative effects on the benefits available to the NFT owner, each Land token owner will need to regularly and actively manage their parcel’s role in the economy.

Land is finite in NOR, and Citizens need to play their City. Therefore, after a certain amount of time, inactive parcels will decay and will be returned to the City. The City—and the entire NOR experience—is undermined by passivity, which The Nine discourage and penalize through various mechanisms.


Buildings give land token owners the ability to become stewards by keeping their parcels active. They can also provide earlier access to activities like Tournament Ticket sales and other opportunities within NOR.

Team Headquarters:

Land token owners can unlock the ability to own a team by investing in a Team Headquarters. These buildings allow their owners to purchase Sponsorships for their Team and Tickets that allow an entire Team to enter a Tournament.

Broadcast Towers:

Using Broadcast Towers, Land token owners are given the chance to bid for exclusive broadcast and streaming rights which can then be monetized.

Additional Buildings:

More Buildings and functionality will be revealed.

Note: Additional details on our Land sale will be released at a later date. Specific Land and Building types and functions will be revealed as they become available in NOR.

Land Stadiums and Distribution