Quorums are temporary groups of randomly-selected Citizens who come together to vote on a single or group of policies before dispersing.

Citizens of NOR:

Each Citizen account with a connected Aspect will be able to suggest platform changes; e.g. Games to add, fundraising activities, features and more. Citizens can identify the category within which these changes fall, and the policies will then be sent to the appropriate Policy Quorum for review.

Policy Quorum:

The Policy Quorum will represent the largest randomly-selected group of Citizens and is made up of those with a plurality of the Politician Aspect. The Policy Quorum reviews all new policies suggested by the Citizens of NOR. When a policy meets a certain approval threshold, that policy is then assigned to one of the Immortal Quorums to review and vote on.

The Policy Quorum will be empowered to pass on or deny policies up for review, or change the category the policy sits under to ensure that the proper Immortal Quorum is able to vote on it.

Policies that are not advanced by the Policy Quorum will be archived, giving The Nine the opportunity to review them and recommend any they feel should be reconsidered.

New policies proposed by Citizens will be searched against existing policies to ensure that Quorums are not voting on duplicate or unpassed policies.

Immortal Quorums:

Immortal Quorums are interest-based groups organized around specific Aspects of each of The Nine. For example, immortals with an Architect Aspect may be invited to join a Land Governance Quorum, while a Warrior Aspect-holder might be invited to join a Stadium Governance Quorum.

Review Quorums:

The Review Quorum is composed of a randomly-selected group of Citizens who are not currently part of any Quorum, but who still hold a Politician Aspect and own Land in Khora. These Quorum members cast the final vote before a policy goes into effect. The Review Quorum is able to vote yes or no or to ask for a new Immortal Quorum to revise the policy under review.

The Nine:

The Nine are Khora’s mythical Progenitors and are controlled by the NOR team. They are able to act independently of all existing Quorums, and will automatically join Immortal Quorums that fall under their Aspect’s domain. Each of The Nine retains the ability to veto a policy if the vote is unanimous among all of The Nine within a set amount of time.