NOR will use AI tools to optimize gameplay for Athletes and Citizens alike, bringing a highly personalized experience to training, management, sponsorship, and negotiating on the platform.

NOR Clone AI


CLONE: Cognitive Likeness of Neural Emulation

Imagine being able to spar with Muhammad Ali, play one-on-one with Michael Jordan, and compete in Starcraft against Lee “Flash” Young-ho. With NOR’s CLONE AI, you can.

CLONE is an AI program that learns any player’s in-game behavior and applies it to future games. Any player can allow themselves to be CLONEd, and the most famous players will be able to sell their CLONE on the open market. Playing against a particular CLONE will be indistinguishable from playing against that actual player—this not only monetizes expertise, but allows players to play with (or against) their favorite celebrity gamers.

NOR’s CLONEs can be used in any game with this feature enabled, whether it’s running against a CLONE in C9’s first game, or strategizing against a team of CLONEs in an upcoming MOBA game.

How It Works: Once a purchase has been made, CLONE starts ingesting all the player’s data and learning how they play. This information is then integrated into industry-leading, deep-learning AI mechanics to mimic the style of gameplay of that athlete or team.

CLONEd players retain full control of their likeness, setting limits on the number of AI versions of themselves and creating demand for exclusive AI-trained players. KYC’d players will receive a percentage of the sale of each CLONE sold. In addition, every resale, as well as royalties of each sale, will go into the games prize pool, with the remaining being split with the developers and C9. All players need to do is enable public access to their game data in their account settings.



COACH: Cognitive Optimization-Assisted Clever Heuristics

There’s only one Phil Jackson, one Pat Riley, one Mark Cuban. But what if you could combine all those people into one AI program, and hire it to help manage your NOR team? With NOR’s COACH AI, you can.

COACH is an AI foundation model designed to manage any NOR players and teams. Each COACH provides individualized training successions based on player stats, as well as the best times to train, types of players, player fit according to team strategy, and more.

How It Works: COACH will be trained on existing successful teams, and with the proper permissions, will pull massive amounts of data and information from the industry’s most respected publications on successful team management, sports coaching, and player practice models. The most successful COACHes can be monetized by being made available for sale on NOR’s open market.



CAP: Cognition-Assisted Predictors

Negotiating contracts is best left to agents, but wrangling agents takes time, money, and plenty of industry connections. What if every professional player had their own AI-powered agent, tailored to that player’s financial preferences, and what if that AI-powered agent negotiated with other AI-powered agents, all in a split second? With NOR’s CAP AI, every player can secure the best agent for their needs.

CAP brings AI-assisted market valuations to NOR’s economy game. With CAP, players and owners don’t have to manage tournament tickets and team contract negotiations. CAP will help players, team owners, and anyone involved in NOR’s economy game, to navigate ticket splits, stat requirements, and more.

How It works: Using the base Smart Contract, and by training through a GAN (General Adversarial Network), CAP will help guide all parties toward a quick agreement to mint the tournament ticket or team contract. CAP will also respond to questions in real-time during any part of the process, offering the current prize pool, the current odds, and more.