Through the NOR Developer portal, Game Developers and Studios are able to create new Tournaments, as well as manage and outline rules, rewards, and other details.

Tournament Minimum Requirements:

  • Tournament Name
  • Tournament Game
  • Tournament Length and Dates
  • Tournament Type
  • Tournament Rules
  • Athlete Eligibility (Ranking, Stats, etc.)
  • Perils (Permanence) Tournament
  • Ticket Price
  • Tournament Art (Ticket art, in-game art)
  • Tournament Rewards (In-game items, achievements)

Purchasing Tickets:

New Tournament Tickets are only available for purchase to Citizens with an Aspect of The Nine. Tickets are not resellable until Tournament terms have been agreed upon by a selected Athlete. Resellable Tickets are NFTs that can then be traded within the NOR economy as well as on third-party marketplaces.

The FATE value for each Ticket purchased will go into the Tournament purse. Tickets can be made free for Citizens, but in this case they are subsidized by the Developer, who pays for them out of their Game Purse.


When a new Tournament is created, Athletes that qualify have the choice to opt-in to being drafted. Through a combination of in-game and cross-platform notifications, Athletes that meet the minimum eligibility requirements are invited to play.

Ticket Negotiation:

Athlete Selection: Citizens who have purchased a ticket have the ability to select from among opt-in Athletes to play for them in the Tournament. Each Ticket features a starting purse distribution ratio; however, Citizens are able to modify them to suit the chosen Athlete.

Negotiation: Athletes invited to play on the Ticket are able to accept, decline, or negotiate the terms of the purse distribution. If an Athlete declines, times-out on a reply, or is unable to come to terms on the purse distribution, the Citizen is able to select a new Athlete, placing the previous Athlete back into the draft pool.

When an Athlete accepts a Citizen’s terms, a Ticket is minted and distributed to both the Citizen and Athlete. The Athlete Ticket is non-transferable and locked to the Athlete’s Vault, while the Citizen retains the right to sell or trade their Ticket ahead of the Tournament in question.

Tournament Completion:

During Tournaments, Athletes are able to log in to the game they have a Ticket for and join the match.


  • The Athlete: If the Athlete wins the Tournament according to the rules set by the Game Developer, the negotiated percentage of their Tournament winnings will be distributed to their Vault.
  • The Citizen: If their chosen Athlete wins the Tournament, the negotiated percentage of Tournament winnings will be distributed to their Vault.
  • Ticket NFTs: Updated to reflect the win


  • Burning Athlete NFTs: If an Athlete loses during a Final Round Permadeath Tournament (or “Peril”), their Account NFT is burned and lost forever. This means they lose access to all progress across all NOR games, as well as access to any of their in-game items.
  • Ticket NFTs: Updated to reflect the loss.

Failing to Compete:

  • Burning Athlete NFTs: If an Athlete fails to compete in a Tournament they opted-in to, their Account NFT is burned and gone, just as with a Final Round Permadeath Tournament loss.

At the end of the Tournament, the Game Developer or Game Studio that set it up will have their percentage of the prize distribution delivered to their Vault.

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